Monday, July 16, 2012

Things I am learning....

Okay, we are working on Day 3 (that is counting full days in the good ol' USA) and I just gotta tell you about what we have learned so far.

1.  Don't wave and say 'bye-bye' repeatedly and then walk out the door - it will apparently bring out all kinds of anxiety and stress on a child who has actually had to experience parent loss.  
*so we are clear here - my mom came for a visit and we are using every chance to teach Maggie words and normal we fervently waved and said, 'bye-bye' as my mom was leaving - then Eric and I helped her to the car.....rookie mistake but it wasn't good.

2.  It is hard to figure out and balance - I love you.  I will be here.  We aren't going anywhere AND you have to obey household rules......
*I gotta know if there is a book for this....cause we are lost.

3.  Not being able to speak the language has A LOT of challenges - but it is kinda fun to watch - I mean we are like a constant game of charades.....hilarious!

4.  Sparkle is a universal color for girls.  If it sparkles girls want it - no matter where they are from.

5.  I'm not cut out to stay in the house with no outside communication......Full Day 1 - we went to Eric's parents house.....I need people!

6.  I love and miss my job!  (Kudos to those moms who stay at home - you are my hero!  Don't ever underestimate yourselves......Eric left for work at 1:00PM today and at 3:30 I looked at the calendar and said....'Oh no! It's just MONDAY!'

7.  NEVER underestimate the kindness of people.....if you watch the news and just sit long enough you can be overwhelmed with the cruelty of the world.......Don't buy it.  People are kind.  People will go to great lengths to show kindness.  People are generous.  This world has a lot more love than Dan Rather, Brian 'what's his face' and Katie Couric tell you about.  I promise.  I have seen it.  (Is Dan Rather still a news anchor?)

8.  I'm not as ill-equipped with her hair as I thought I would be, IF you forget about the incident that I had in the airport when we landed in the still need to hear that story - don't you?......I promise next post.  :)

9.  When you add a new smaller kid to the mix - you realize how big the kids who were here first are....and it may throw you in a slight depression...complete with crying and an overwhelming sense of love.  That love is mixed with complete amazement that they are showing signs that you didn't screw them up.....they are good, real good.

10.  I should have done a better job of explaining to the two kids that were here first (and realizing myself) that Maggie hasn't really ever seen or experienced things that we don't think grocery stores for example.....putting Maggie in a shopping cart wasn't a good experience for her......she has never seen a store with lights much less to be pushed around in a big metal cart.....let's just say it didn't go well.....

So, though there have been moments in these three days of complete confusion, exhaustion and humor we are doing surprisingly well.  I'm trying to take lots of pics in order to get a book together that I will be sending to give to the Birth Mother - no, I wasn't able to have the opportunity to meet her which makes my heart break but I will be sending her a book of pics of our family and how Maggie Hilina is adjusting to her new home as soon as I can.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, your support and words of encouragement, it means so very much


  1. So Awesome and just can't wait to read more later on! Love you all and cannot wait to meet her!

  2. She (MH) is going to love hearing these stories. :) hee hee....U need people? Really? LOL, like others need ...oh, air, water, food.... People need you so keep writing until you can tell us all your crazy stories in person. Ok? Britney