Friday, August 10, 2012

How you doin'?

Tell me you didn't just say that like Joey did in Friends?  I knew it - you totally did.  :)

I'm hearing that a lot lately, 'Fran, how are you doing?' of course it is said with concern cause apparently I look like el crapo.  :)  (Also, let me be clear - I am blessed to be surrounded by people who care that I look like crap and maybe a tad bit frazzled. So to those friends, thank you!)

This whole adoption thing has been filled with countless roller coaster rides to the top of the mountain then falling into what feels like a free fall then immediately back up.  Apparently I am beginning to show signs of wear and tear......

We are good.  We are very busy.  We are adjusting well.  To be honest and in the honor of 100% transparency.....It is hard, but not in a bad way.....just a getting to know you, trying to understand you, what the heck do you want kinda way.

Eric and I are both out of vacation time at our I took just one extra week off after our arrival home.  He works an odd shift so I would go into my job earlier than normal and then come home right before he left for work.....two weeks of that schedule and a new kid in the house who didn't understand English - hated our food and who has a very strong personality was T-O-U-G-H.

But then Jesus reminded me that He does love me - He loves me enough to let school start back.....can I get a halleujah!  We had debated on whether sending Maggie to school would be a good idea or not....and well..let's just say momma needed her to go to school.  She is doing AMAZING!  She has an amazing teacher who she adores (thanks Ms.Kelly!).  She is now a pro at nap taking, she has already in one week learned a few more words and bed time is easy peasy now!  Ol' girl is WORE OUT!  See I told you Jesus loved me.  :)

Ethan and Reagan are as amazing as ever too. I mean seriously - I don't think it is possible to love those kids any more.  They set such an example of love.  I am inspired by their actions.

On a completely different note - I work at a church - the people that come together in that church are all together amazing!  I also work with some pretty fun characters.....For those of you that know Rodney Lynch  - you know what kind of characters I'm talking about here.....

Rodney has a love of kids that is kinda out of control.  I mean I have honestly seen this grown man roll on the floor playing with kids (if he didn't have the gray hair you might mistake him for a kid).  Well, he and our Maggie have quite a special fact her second week here she put together her first sentence - what was it you might ask......

let's start with what it wasn't.....

It wasn't - I love mommy.
It wasn't - I love poppy.
It wasn't - I need to potty.
It wasn't - More water please.

Nope - none of those......

it was..


I want a redo!!!!  Really, I want Rodney!  (there were witnesses - they heard it too)

Everyday she looks for him.  Everyday she talks about him.....She loves her some Rodney Lynch and well, when you see them together - you really can't help but smile.


  1. Wow, I guess I have seen you in your good moments lately- 'cause I thought (during church when you were snuggling your sleeping baby) that you had that serene sigh sorta look of new momma contentment....and yes, it made my heart fill with joy! God is good! BB

  2. Hilarious! Rodney makes us laugh too! :)