Thursday, August 30, 2012

game changer

three kiddos has been a game changer for me.....

just this week a friend of mine made the statement that she had to run to Walmart.......I was envious and grateful that I could say, 'Hey can you pick me up a loaf of bread and some dry shampoo.'  Cause let's face it you all......I can't go to Walmart or any other store right now....well I can - but you don't want me to.....

I mean seriously, if you are in the store with me - you want me to leave.

This kid that has moved from the other side of the world, into a new family, a completely different life and  has adjusted like nothing I could have ever dreamed of.  I mean really - she is something special.

But it's hard...We have a three year old who is outgoing, who is spunky, who is funny and who loves people - what's so hard about that you might ask...

Well, how about a new being walked through our home doors - and well it isn't a baby that is just laying there who depends on you so the love builds because you simply meet his/her needs......No, this kid walked through the doors telling us what she did and did not like.....It was funny in America....stressful.

She is headstrong.  She is stubborn.  She is at times defiant.  Does she need those skills as she goes through life?  without a doubt.  Is it hard to parent?  Oh yeah, baby.

She hates our food.  She likes bananas and spaghetti. Everything else gets a look that says, 'you got to be kidding me.'

She will say no to most everything we ask her to do......but will then do it and surprise us with her openness to the whole situation.....

For example, the dentist.....our dentist just happens to be the most wonderful in the land.  We love Hedgespeth Dentistry!  Maggie had a special friend - (Hi Mia!) who was brave enough to go first in the ol' dental chair.  Mia did so good.....Maggie said 'NO!' the entire time and even shed a few tears and stuck out that bottom lip.......I was sweatin'.  I bowed my head and said a silent prayer that Dr. Lauren would not hate me by the time we left that office.......

Mia finished up, went with Maggie to the treasure chest and then WHIM-BAM-BOOM, before I know it Maggie is in the chair, has opened her alligator mouth and is not only getting her teeth counted and polished but also x-rays!  Who is this kid?

(Ethan came up to me when Maggie was in the chair and said (and I am quoting him here)  'I didn't see this going this good.'

We are getting to know each other and we are starting to really like each other (she may disagree at times).  Love is there.  Love was instant for Eric and I.  Liking takes a minute or two.....but we are getting there, I mean come on....look at this face, how could you not?

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  1. That last pic is KILLING us!

    Love to all of you,