Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our first night

The day has finally come and we had all of our babies in the same house........and let me tell me you, it was great.

Maggie (which we are now just calling her - believe it or not she answers better to it than she does Hilina) She did great!  On the 17.5 hour flight from Ethiopia - she slept most of the way and then when we landed in the US she was ready to go!  Girl, is a lil' firecracker.  She talks nonstop and I mean non-stop! If her eyes are open she is talking.

(For those of you at the airport - you didn't get this cause it was 1am her time and she hadn't slept all day - and then crashed on our last flight that was only an hour)

***Later I have to tell you about me darn near getting arrested in the DC airport with her.....funny now - not so funny then.  Don't worry it's fine, lesson learned though - don't try to wash a lil' girl's hair in the sink)  Story will come later....funny stuff!

When we got home she had enough time to wake up and played and played with the kids, it was such an awesome experience!  In fact I caught a glimpse of Reagan pinching herself.  I asked her why she was pinching herself and she said, 'I feel like this is a dream.'  We laughed, played, took a bath and went to bed.....this morning has been much of the same.  A LOT of talking, a lot of playing and a lot of laughing!  Maggie is surprisingly enjoying all of our food.....she keeps saying, 'More, please.' in the cutest Ethiopian voice you have ever heard.

here are a few pics!

We came home to a signs and balloons!  Thanks Whitney Family!
(warning these pics have not been edited and are FAR from perfect!)

I think this was the first time she had ever seen balloons.....she loves them - in fact as I type she is carrying them around jabbering like crazy!

here is a pic of them playing together and rea pinching herself....she is so funny!

And the best part of today was this......

all my babies under one roof!  We are blessed!  

a little PR for some of my fav peeps!

PS outfits where given to us from a friend, Mary Jo Mudd Nally aka The Gift Girl.  Like her on Facebook she has some of the cutest lil' outfits ever!  

PSS hairbow from Christy Newton aka Pink Polka Dot Boutique, in case you need a super cute hairbow!  



  1. Maggie's so adorable! Love, Sophia

  2. I love this!!!! I have to get a copy of the three of them together for my mantle!!! I love you all!!!! aunt Julie

  3. Awww the story is awesome....God bless all.

  4. Oh what a blessing! WELCOME HOME MAGGIE!