Sunday, July 1, 2012

I just don't have enough postage stamps...

to say thank you!

Today was a special day....a day full of surprises...surprise party that is!

If you read my blog or know me at all you know how very much my church family means to me.....I mean seriously, they are my family. They love me in spite of myself.  They laugh at my jokes (bless their hearts).  They pick me up and lift my spirits.  Today they celebrated our upcoming arrival of Maggie Hilina....and boy do these folks know how to celebrate.....

A room full of people I adore.....

The food......oh the much food - so much yummy food!  

a very pretty cake (thanks Christy Holleran)  FYI - if  you can believe it - it tasted better than it looked :)  (if you want her to make you a cake and you live in Bardstown - click on her name)  

Then there was this table - thank you all for being so kind, generous and welcoming to our baby girl!

I just don't know how to say thank you properly for all that you have done and the support you have given us.  As I said when I gave a little speech - you have adopted took me in, you showed me love, you support me and you are some of my biggest cheerleaders.  I have been blessed beyond measure by all of you.  Thanks for being so much more than a place I go to church on Sunday morning......thanks for being home to me.  

These last two weeks have been a roller-coaster of emotions for our family - I mean seriously.  I had someone I love dearly open up to the thought of us adopting.....HUGE, I tell you.  HUGE.  I thought my heart was gonna explode.  

Then coming down from that high - it seems like this week I have focused on the loss that is involved in adoption......I want to focus on the Runners and all that we are being blessed with in bringing our girl home - cause she is our girl......but I have to also realize that there is loss involved.....

loss for the lil' girl that is coming to her forever and ever family.....and loss for the mother that has to go and once again tell her story of why she is relinquishing rights and why she is doing this of her own free will..........and it breaks my heart in two.....

so tomorrow morning at 6am EST if you are up - please say a little prayer for our birth momma.  It will be 1:00 in Addis and she will be sitting in the US Embassy telling her story....again.  

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  1. Yay for a successful day! It went so well & I praise God that there was enough food for all the people who came! I look forward to seeing this little precious girl we have been praying for going on over a year now and will pray for her birth momma as she again tells her story. I am also looking forward to seeing how God uses Maggie Hilina to Glorify Himself! It is going to be a remarkable road and journey for that little girl & such a joy to witness. All to Glorify our Lord, He adopted us, you adopted her, & hopefully it continues with many many more families! Love you all so very much!