Tuesday, July 10, 2012

just hanging out

It's day two....It's 3:11am EST and here it is 10:11am....I didn't quite realize the last time the complete different time zones we are in.....I want to call you all, I want to tell you everything about Maggie Hilina and about Ethiopia.  This place is so amazing!  I wish I could bottle the smell of our guest house - the cooking is so good (I know shocking, right?)......oh and the weather - I mean tshirt, hoodie and jeans.....it fantastic!  (sorry about you all back home with your 106 degrees with 100% humidity)

I can't wait for you to meet her!  I know I'm gushing but the girl has personality.  One of the couples here said it so well.....she has sassy in everything she does.....her walk, her talk and oh my goodness her facial expressions.  

One of the craziest things I have seen with these kiddos is the fact that they haven't forgotten us....some of the older kids that are still here remembered us (we Ky folks must leave quite an impression)  :)  and most importantly Maggie Hilina did not miss a beat with us.  

Today we took her outside to play with the kids and as soon as we stepped out in the back play area (it is where they kids stay) she pouted.  She pouted whenever the nurses and the nannies talked to her....she definitely wasn't going to have her picture taken with them.....She is so funny and so afraid we are going to leave her.  

We are getting ready to go to our Embassy appt at 1:00 Addis time which is 6 amEST.  So if you are one of my Kentucky peeps reading this - say a prayer.  I like to think it's all downhill from here but truly you just never know.  

I can't wait to show off some pics of Maggie Hilina in her Embassy outfit!  I mean this kid is gonna be cute!  She saw it and held it up to her and can't wait to put it on.  (there is so much mud here that I am afraid to let her put it on until it is time to load up the van.) Oh! another prayer request - they say that most all the kids get car sick real bad (most of them have never rode in a vehicle other than to transport them from the orphanage to here).  So pray that it doesn't happen.  I've got Dramine and peppermint oil to help prevent it - but really - I hate puke!  

I will post some pics later today.  For those of my friends that don't have facebook.....here are a few pics. 

Finally, I could never tell you all how much your love, friendship and support has meant to us.....you helped us along the way financially, you helped us emotionally, you covered us in prayer through this whole journey and even if I got on your nerves with my crazy eyes and pure moments of panic or if it was an emotional moment where I was overwhelmed - you were there....

I am tearing up just thinking about this journey and what you all have meant to our family.  I can't repay you and I'm just not eloquent enough to put it into words.....God has blessed us by you and I am eternally grateful.

eric and fran


  1. Good luck Fran and Eric. I love you guys. I know that God is with you all the way, and I pray for you to get home safely with little Maggie. She is sweet, and I can tell by her face that she will fit right in with your family. Take care and God bless.

  2. LOVE the pictures of your beautiful daughter! Praying for your family:)

    Dwan Graham

  3. Yea! So glad that all is going well! :)

  4. The Runners are All Loved especially by the most important person of all God! He has showered you all with all that was needed every step of the way! God is AMAZING in ALL that He does :) He will use this adoption to Glorify His name :)

  5. Im super excited...praying for no puke and safe travels Love you guys see you soon..:) Love The Downs Family

  6. She is so pretty,,,sending prayers and God Bless all. :)