Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kindness of strangers

Today was such an amazing was a gift really....given to me by two, complete and perfect strangers.

I have some friends (shout out to Scott and Dwayne) from church who work with a nice gentleman (Keith) who with his wife (Lisa) are in the process of adopting two lil' babies from Ethiopia.  (Yes, you read that right....2 babies).  Dwayne has been on me forever about calling them......and in true Fran form.....I failed.

(PLEASE NOTE:  If I fail to return a call, call you, or reach out to you in some way....I'm not mean, it's not that I don't want to talk to you.....I have problems.  It's not you - it's me.)

Well during that time, Keith reached out to me to get permission to take pictures if the opportunity presented itself of our lil' Maggie Hilina.  I sent a big ol' OF COURSE to him immediately.  Two weeks later they were on their way to Ethiopia (in fact as I am writing this they are still there).

These two people whom I have never met have reached out to me, sent me emails and found our Maggie Hilina.  I MEAN THAT IS SO NICE!!!!  (seriously ya'all....they found the orphanage she is at, and took themselves, their two new babies, loaded up and spent 30 minutes with our baby, just so I could see her).  You don't get much nicer than that!

Today, while getting my hair did.....I received pictures of my newest baby girl.  She is so sweet.  One picture has her smiling, the sweetest smile!  One picture seems to reveal a little sassiness!  I love that!  I think Reagan and her are going to get along just fine.  Thus far every picture I have of her she is wearing a dress and jewelry of some form - again - her and Rea are gonna be A-OK!

Lisa, sent me an email via Facebook that I just received that gave me the size of clothes (3/4T) she was wearing and information like:

- she warmed up to them (i'm assuming fairly quickly since they only got to spend 30 minutes with her)

 - they gave her chocolate chips and she loved them!!!!  PRAISE THE LORD! This kid is going to make a great Runner!!!!  I am so excited!

My heart is bursting!  I'm telling you, I can even breathe easy at the thought of going all the way around the world to meet her and bring her home.  The first time I saw her picture with the referral - it was like the first ultrasound you have when you are pregnant.  Crazy, excitement, millions of thoughts buzzing through your head all while your mind is trying to wrap your brain around....'yep, that kid is gonna live with me.'

Today was the second ultrasound.......I'm calmer, I kinda know what to expect, I've established that this kid is gonna come home with me but I still have the same emotions of  'look at this......this is ours.  This is us.  This is our new family and it is good.  Very, very good.'  The best part is my worry seemed to vanish.  (I know it will return - that's how momma's are) BUT we are gonna make it as a family.  We are gonna be okay.    

That smile of hers.....let me tell you people.....that smile is going to melt a few more hearts, I just know it!


  1. So happy for you all, what a blessing from God to give you more pictures of you're baby girl!

  2. That is so AwESoME, Franster!!! Yaaaayyyy! Praise God for the sweet surprises He gives us!

  3. Well said my friend. Can't wait to meet our girl!
    Gretchen S.

  4. Amazing--so excited for you guys!! I cannot wait to meet her!!