Sunday, May 13, 2012

day two

Oh my goodness!  I wish I could tell you all everything in a few simple words but there is no way.......

We woke up early this morning (around 7am Ethiopian time - which is midnight in ol' Ky)  we showered, got dress and headed downstairs to just hang out and see what was going on.....

One thing about Ethiopia is the chanting....apparently this orphanage/transition home is right behind a mosque....though at first it was unique and an experience later turned into a non-stop annoyance....

We ate breakfast, then decided to walk around and true to Fran form take alot of pics of the building and just general surroundings.

About fifteen minutes some kids starting waking up and coming out of their room....We were playing with some of the kids and then came Maggie Hilina - she was honest to goodness running full force at us!  It was the sweetest thing.  We have really bonded so well together, it has been amazing!  We played with bubbles, played soccer (although some of the older boys were questioning our abilities).

It came time for us to go with Woudneh (who is our AMAZING guide and director of the transition home)  and Maggie melted down....heart-wrenching.  Woudneh is concerned that she is too attached....which I get cause we have to leave her for a few months and that is hard.....she has already suffered through loss and I don't want us to put a place in her heart of hurt - only love.  The items we have given her she carries around and won't share them with others (I think she is telling them - 'get your own' in Amharic)

So Woudneh took us an a few other adoptive families out to lunch at the Sheraton Hotel (totally Americanized) and then on a shopping trip (totally NOT Americanized) Let me say this.....I have never seen poor like this.  I mean NEVER!

We learned on our trip here that if a baby is abandoned and is over 2 years of age.....the police don't take them to an orphange because they are old enough to survive on their own..........OLD ENOUGH TO SURVIVE ON THEIR OWN! Their is a structured system to the street kids - it starts out if you are two years old - four year olds take care of you - six year olds take care of the four year olds, etc, etc.

There are no words for that.  To be honest - even though this is a super nice orphanage - I see it here.  There are few older boys and girls - I have seen them rush to the aid of a crying child, they dust them off, they talk to them, they hold them, they are the comforter......I almost lost it today while witnessing it.  A beautiful lil' girl was so excited to catch the bubbles we brought and were blowing with them that she stepped right off the lil step and fell.....instantly the 7 year old lil' boy named 'David' ran to her and sat with her consoling her.....'David' is so much older than his years. I've learned that he has been in orphan care for years and praise God will have a family soon.....

I've caught myself more than once thinking - I could bring them all home, fortunately the children here with us are blessed - they are waiting for their families to come and get them.

Today I witnessed the street kids - beautiful children - with nothing - covered in dirt, begging for anything at all.  We made the mistake of while in our car being surrounded by begging children to hand out some crackers - let's just say NEVER do that.  We learned a tough lesson today.  Nothing happened and we are fine - they are a very sweet and polite people - they are also very desperate people.  There were so many starving babies......I looked directly with a beautiful child who was so empty and so vacant it honestly broke my heart.

I know that I will be forever changed after this.  I knew that.  I wish I could tell you how much.  It's true that it is easy to ignore orphans until you know their name.....and over the past few days I have met so many children, learned their names, played with them and experienced their instant love.

Well, I have rambled enough for now........I am killing time - I was really hoping that we would get to see Hilina again, but they are eating dinner and in a few short minutes she will be going to bed for the night......(they really are worried about how quickly we have bonded and how she has attached)  Which is a good thing but I don't know if we can prepare our hearts for leaving......

Last thing - thank you for all the prayers - I have been at ease - really truly at ease since arriving. I truly have you all to thank for that.  This has been such a much I don't even want to weasel my way out of the second trip - I am eager to have it done and us on our way home.  I will be able to share pics after Monday's court - please pray that all goes well and I don't say anything know me the more nervous I am - the funnier I TRY to be (but fail miserably) :)


  1. They will love you as much as Maggie already loves you chica! Again not a dry eye in this one lady body of mine! Such a blessing to know you all are ok and that you all have experienced something that is so hard to put into words, but I bet we will be able to see it in your faces! Love you all and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MRS. FRAN!

  2. So happy for you Fran! I can't wait to see you soon and hear about your trip. It's so easy to see why Mikila loves you so much! And I do too!

  3. Fran - you all have such amazing hearts and amazing faith. Are you in the same area that Sarah and Matthew went to....

  4. Sounds like an amazing Mother's Day! We are praying for you all as you have to say goodbye to your sweet girl. Can't imagine! love you guys!
    Tim and Michelle