Monday, May 21, 2012

piece of my heart.....

Yep, we left a piece of our heart there.....tonight as I look over all the pictures I took, I realize just how much I miss her.  I knew this would be hard, leaving her....and it is.  I do however, know that she is in very good care with Woudneh and Bete......but it's just not me.  I really, really want to be the one taking care of her.......

Also we were very fortunate to spend our week in Ethiopia with a pretty awesome couple, Anthony and Kerri.  They were sooo ni-ce!  (they are from Pennsylvania so our Kentucky twang and expressions caught them off guard a time or two.)  Miss you guys! 

(this was right before we left for a 17.5 hour flight....I dressed for comfort)
I promised her that not all Kentucky girls mismatch like this outfit portrays.   

HUGE thanks to the Vincent Family for letting us borrow their video camera while we were there.  We were able to capture a lot of moments with our sweet girl.  
here is just us talking to Maggie Hilina a little bit.....she is so sweet.  

(In real life, do I sound like that?  I mean seriously - that is one thick country accent.) 


  1. Thank you again for sharing! Absolutely adorable! Can't wait to play with her! I mean for Raylee to play with her. Right? LOL

  2. Don't apologize for, or be embarrassed by, your accent. That is who we are, and just as good and honorable as the homogenized "TV newscaster" accent, and vastly better sounding than many other local accents around the country. Just think, someday Hilina will sound just like you! :)

  3. Yes, yes you do sound like that..........can't help but smile when we hear that country twang! She is Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to meet her when she gets here!

  4. Tears came to my eyes when Maggie called you Mommy =) Hailee said she is so precious and wants to know if she is coming home from "Mikeopia" today!! (she also said she called Eric the wrong name, it should be UNCLE Eric!) lol!! I cannot wait to hold that sweet face!!! We love you! Julie