Friday, April 6, 2012

We met Maggie...well via picture that is was THE day and I mean seriously THE day.  I don't have any idea how we went from #6 to #1 in a matter of days....but it happened.

Labor is easy peasy compared to waiting for your husband to get to where you are at so that you can conference in your adoption agency and get the referral picture......

(Side note:  Praise God for my friends who may have witnessed a mental breakdown....I lose it from time to time)

We can't show her picture to you because of child laws and I will totally respect that (cause let's face it - this girl isn't cut out for prison)  but let me tell you....she is honestly BEAUTIFUL!  truly.  I know that for months that I have prayed that we would all see her through God's eyes and not our own...but come on!  the kid is beautiful!

So, here we are.  We now know her face.......and her birth name.....and her history (somewhat) and well here we are.,,overwhelmed, excited, scared and overjoyed with what our future holds.

My good pal, Carol Bartholomai found this while reading a book that she 'found' (in fact she said it literally jumped into her hands) from off of our pastor's shelf last week while cleaning.....This little excerpt is from a sermon from C.H. Spurgeon, titled, 'THE BELIEVER NOT AN ORPHAN'.  It kinda sums up some things......
"There is one point in which the orphan is often sorrowfully reminded of his orphanhood, namely,  in lacking a defender. It is so natural in a little child, when some big boys bully him, to cry, “I’ll tell my father!” How often did we use to say so, and how often have we heard from the little ones since, “I’ll tell Mother!” Sometimes, the not being able to do this is a much severer loss than we can guess.
Had the father been there, the child would have had its rights, scarcely would any have dared to infringe them. But, in the absence of the father, the orphan is eaten up like bread and the wicked of the earth devour his estate." 
It looks like from her records that Maggie's biological parents are deceased......praise God that she will not live life without a defender.  You better believe if some little snot nosed kid says something to my baby girl.....heads will roll.  Mama Bear will be there....


  1. Just so you know...I am still overwhelmed. GOD IS SO GOOD! I love you guys, I love her and you are right....She IS beautiful!!!! Britney

  2. So, so excited for your family! I can't believe we've gotten referrals within a couple of weeks of each other. I'm glad that we are walking very similar paths at the same time. :). You all are wonderful parents. Maggie is a lucky girl, but you will be amazed how lucky you feel. Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing more! Love you!
    Michelle sharp

  3. So happy for your family !

  4. God's timing makes me grin - on the eve of the day His Son made a way for us all to be adopted, He gives you your Maggie. Happy Easter to the Runners.
    Sara Floyd

  5. Soooooo Happy for you all! Over joyed & OM gosh Sara Floyd you are so right, that it is impecable timing! God is so Great like that in so many ways & His timing is always perfect! She is absolutely Beautiful! God made her and brought her to such a wonderful & loving family! Praise be to God!

  6. Blessed parents, blessed sweet girl So happy for you Fran, Eric, Ethan, and Reagan. We will be walking beside you sister!!!!

  7. She is gonna have the best Momma Bear ever...I love you my friend and can't wait to meet Miss Maggie:) Continued Prayers:)
    Love you Runner Family Raven Downs

  8. Praising God for the awesome news of your referral! And you received it on Good Friday!! God is good, All the time! Thankful for your family and can not wait for Maggie to get home! Will be praying for each of you as you prepare to bring her home to her forever family! God is faithful!!!!