Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well....let's just say that I have had alot going on - no excuses but let's just be honest.  Announcing the adoption to some people I love very much has been met with alot of mixed reaction to say the least. Some hurtful, some encouraging....that's okay.  It is teaching me to die to self, right James?  (James is the pastor of my church.....and boy last week he kicked me in the ol' bootie) If you are interested in hearing him click here

Secondly, my sister needs prayer. Anybody who has ever been married knows just how hard it is.....If you believe in prayer please pray for her. 

Sheesh....that was kinda heavy....

My dear, dear friends and some people that I have never met (thanks Jim Beam Distillery!) have donated items for us to sell and have given us money.........I really don't quite know what to say....I am not used to this and quite frankly I am overwhelmed.  We are currently working on our dossier paperwork (international stuff).  The money and items that have been donated thus far are going to all the expenses with that.  We have to get background checks, credit reports, birth certificates, marriage certificates and passports (that was just this week!) So, to everyone that has given thank you!  We are using it to help pay all the expenses that are required to complete that paperwork. 

(this was just an update - I am back in the bloggin' game - I promise the next few posts will be more entertaining)

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