Friday, April 29, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Today was a sad day for the Runner Family....we had to put our sweet, sweet Daschund down today.....Complete kidney failure is a bummer - just so ya know. 

We were blessed to hear her non-stop barking for a little over 13 years (Seriously, this girl could bark).  Our house is sad and to be honest it feels different right now.....After dinner tonite I almost yelled for her a few times......the kids would drop something and well, she used to be right there...I will miss the way she chased the flashlight (which always made when the electricity went out super fun!).  I will miss her smell.  I will even miss getting up at 4:00 in the morning to take her out to the bathroom (okay, maybe that is just the saddness talking).  I will miss the sound of her walking around (she never really got in a hurry). oh, there is so much I will miss about you Cass-a-roll....

We love you baby girl.....and we miss you terribly already. 

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  1. I am emailing you because this darn thing won't let me post and I can't write out the long comment a third time!