Monday, August 15, 2011

Sorry it's been a while!

I told  you before if I can't be insightful or inspirational - I don't feel like you want to read about my boring ol' life.  However, just in case you do here is what my days consist of:

1) my kids and being a momma
2) waiting for Maggie or Mags as we are already calling her - poor kid. 
3) working on repainting and fixing up a room that was once for one girl and now will be for two (I have to say I love it and once complete I will be sharing)
4) making hairbows*

*If you haven't heard a good friend and I are going to have a booth at the Bardstown Arts and Crafts Fair as a fundraising opportunity for Maggie.  Our booth's name is Maggie's Hope...don't you like how subtle we are?  Nonetheless, I am working like a mad woman to have 1.5 million hairbows ready....and my fingers have the calluses to prove it.  So, start saving your money cause between the hairbows and specialty drink cups and other items that we are making you have alot of Christmas shopping to do! 

If I haven't said it before, thanks for checking in on us here at the Runner household.  We do appreciate it and have been a little overwhelmed with your kindness!

Much love, us

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  1. I know your Maggie's Hope booth will be a huge success! What you are doing is amazing! This little girl has no idea how blessed she is to have you guys for her family.

    Love ya,
    Heather :)