Friday, February 3, 2012


Around here we are kinda feelin' like the lil' train that could....


We got word from our adoption agency today about where we stand on this "list"

So this evening I told the kids where we were and they got all kinds of crazy excited....which helps me realize that we are moving and we are making progress (cause I kinda say where we are in an Eeyore-ish kinda way....and they say it in the best high pitched, "YAY! Maggie is almost here" kinda way.) 

So without further it is....

So here we are....Numero Nueve.....

Sooner rather than later we will be the parents of three kiddos.....Wowza....

And well since sometimes we get kinda caught up in what number WE (as in The Runner Family)  are.....thought I would share this video from an amazing organization, Ordinary Hero and maybe you could consider what number you could be.....domestically or internationally, children are everywhere that need your help. 

Ordinary Hero~ The Orphan from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

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  1. Again, not a dry eye :) So happy for you all :)........God is so BIG :)