Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Freaking out!

Okay......there is nothing that I like more than a microphone in my hand...seriously.  An audience, a microphone.....people that are just listening to me.....I love it.....well....

I love it in theory.  Now that I am smack dab at looking at standing on stage with said microphone and audience....I am freakin' out! 

I am going to stand up and talk about Maggie's Hope.  Maggie's Hope is what two (technically five) friends and I essentially created to help fund not just our (and by our I mean Eric and I) adoption but others....easy peasy, right?

Not so much. I have to say how God has been proven through this....That's not really hard cause seriously come on....I don't have mad crafting skills yet somehow I and my friends had a craft fair booth that was successful....I mean FOR REAL SUCESSFUL.   Is that me?  good googly moogly - we all know that it isn't because of what we did.....God did that. 

You know what else God did....on the Saturday of the Bardstown Arts and Crafts Fair some friends said to me, "You should look into making this a 501(c)3.....I said...sure.  I'll do that...

(we all knew that if it was dependent on me - that the likelihood of it happening is zilch) 

God knows.  And he sent someone special to really take it to the next level.....

My friend, Dwight....he ran with it......and well right now...we are waiting to see where it will go as a designated fund (not so much as a 501(c3).  It is so amazing.....It's not me. It's not Dwight. It's Him. 

Why else would busy women such as; Mikila, Lee Ann, Christy and my momma offer to help (donating their precious time and money) to get our booth up to standard and par......

Why would a man that has a career, three kids, beautiful wife and a million other things going on offer to work on a designated fund?

Are you ready....it's not mind boggling.....well, maybe it is. 

Yep, it's the big G-O-D. 

I'm going to sound a little more eloquent and hopefully a little more sophisticated but essentially this is it.  People came together not to just help me.....but to start something.....to start something bigger than us.  To help others think outside of the box.  If you are open to adoption and the financial part scares you (cause seriously if you look at the financial figures it can)  maybe someday soon - you can say...'Maggie's Hope helped me move forward in the adoption of our child.'

How crazy is that?  I will tell you - it is the big G-O-D crazy - that's what.

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