Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Monthly Update...

I know, I know....I have really fallen off the wagon as far as blogging....sorry for that.

BUT in my defense this really started as a way to record our journey of adoption.  I have prayed that maybe it would inspire someone like some good ol' friends did with me....(Thanks Matthew, Sarah, Jason and Amanda!) or maybe to help someone see that there is a big world out there and God told us to go out there in His name......all of this while being honest with my fears - situations, etc.

So, now that I have rambled on and on.....are you ready for our monthly update.......
here you go...

 I know, I big movement there......with the email that we received it also said - even though it seems that things are moving slow our agency has had 6 children who have been matched with their forever families!  That's big news.....and good news....(the reason our number may not have changed much is they may have been a number further back than us - older children, special needs, etc)  So....all is well and we are so glad that 6 lil' ones have found their place with a family!!!!  Big stuff there and I can't get upset about that!

speaking of my ol' friends Amanda and Jason - there is so much more to life with your child than the homecoming at the airport....but I tell you what, the airport videos make me cry....and well....come on that lil' girl is C-U-T-E! 

Bringing Macy Home from amanda humphrey on Vimeo.

But like I said - adoption isn't the moment when you get off the plane or walk out of the hospital, court room or wherever you get your child from.....It's in life.  It is in living.....and if you need a reminder of is that lil' family now..... 

So this lil' Runner family is going to patiently wait for that time....and well let's face it - I still have time to learn how to braid hair :) 

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