Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today is her birthday..okay it is in 45 more mins

Okay, it's 11:16 PM.............44 more minutes and it is her birthday....give a girl some grace, would ya!!!!!  I'm excited!!!!

This precious little girl has waited so patiently for this day...she has longed for it cause she will be bigger.  She desperately wants to be bigger.  She has sat through Daddy's birthday, Ethan's Birthday, Momma's birthday and even Rea's....but the time has come.  TODAY IS HER DAY!!!!

I have so many emotions....I mean this week.......this week is big............Let me give you some background.....

Last year on Good Friday we were blessed beyond compare to see her sweet face........(yes, I know the actual dates are different - but I know God loves me enough to give me an amazing reminder, otherwise known as GOOD FRIDAY to remember clearly the date I first saw our precious girls' face.)  Combine that with her actual birthday and this girl is a MESS!!!!!

It's more emotional than I expected.....It's filled with more than I ever expected........I can't believe God loves me enough to allow and trust me to be her momma...........I'm simply so undeserving.......I mean, have you seen her? I don't know why He loves me enough to share her with our family........I don't mean to sound dumb and I definitely don't want to downplay the fact that at times it is hard, very hard..............but goodness gracious,  I love that girl.  I love her so big and with so much of me that at times it can physically be painful (it is like that with all three of my children)

Tonight as I tucked her in and we prayed I cried....(shocking, I know) but I cried for what birthdays will mean for her.......I know that as she grows she will wonder, she will question......she will mourn what could have been and what should have been, what I don't know....how I don't the time she was born....I don't know the details of her first moments, I don't have anything that will help with the first three years of her life .....then to top it off she will examine the selfless love that her birth momma gave her.  

I mean, come on - it's kinda obvious, I didn't carry her in my womb and I don't know her life prior to this moment.....(the pic below is from the day that we met her)

(maybe it's wrong but I do get a good laugh when people who don't know see us in Wal-mart and try to figure it out....come on people, white lady, black child.......it's not that complicated!)

but i know that at the very moment she was conceived - she was meant for our family!  The only answer for that is God's hand......I can't give you any other reason....and let's be truthful, there isn't one.  God had a plan for this girl before she was ever conceived in her birth momma's belly and it was to be our girl.  

I love this precious girl and it blows my mind that she loves us too...........


  1. She's such a blessing! Your whole family is a blessing! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Maggie Runner fits perfectly with the Runner Clan, God foresaw that :). She has so much spunk and pizazz just like the whole Runner Bunch!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Maggie!

  2. Happy Birthday, Maggie!

    The Sharps