Monday, February 11, 2013

Defeated vs empowered

It's funny, I do this blog and well to be honest.....

and come on - if I am anything - it's honest

it's not self-promotion.......

I know, right?  that right there is shocking...........

it's really not.  As much as I love Fran (and I do love me some Fran Runner)

it's about the faces..........

Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names.  They are easier to ignore before you see their faces.  It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms.  But once you do, everything changes.

I did that......I met them.  I held them.  I learned their names.  I loved on them.  I prayed over them.

yep, those faces.

I read something today that said, 'I don't do it for the attention'.

it kinda kicked me in the belly.........why exactly am I vocal about adoption, Maggie and our journey?

I did a little internal investigation - is it me that wants, that thrives on 'attention'

the answer to that is clearly, yes (PLEASE HEAR ME OUT)

it is - on a lot of things.............

this is not one.


Little beings in this world, (147 million) faced with doing it all - alone.........if I don't speak for them, can you tell me who will?

They simply can't.   You know why?  Cause they are trying to survive........

and me, well, I have more.  More than I need.  More than I deserve and enough to share.

With the grace and power of our God, I pray that maybe, God willing, me not being silent in order to avoid ruffling feathers of people..............allows children to not only have a voice, but find their forever home......

so you know what?  yeah, I'm not shutting up...........

one more thing....Easter Sunday we as American's go to church, spend more than the average family (globally) has in a weeks/month or years time on a special outfit........

this year - my family is going to spend it on buying outfits from local families adopting.........and guess what - we are gonna match!!!!  (yay us! - and yes, insert a lil' bit of sarcasm)

If you want to participate - buy from a family you know in the process

If you need some names - I got a few

The Pinnicks (they don't have a blog or a FB account - LAME - O) but you can respond here and I will hook you up!  (I love you Josh and Amanda - but come on get a stupid FB or blog already!)  :)

The Thompsons, (LOVE this couple) click here.....they will get you some t-shirts and will accept any help you can offer to help them bring their child home

The Davis's, (awesome people and friends)  They are waiting to be matched with a child (or children) from China - and well -  you would look cool sporting their shirt me and I will get them to you.  :)

I have a few more friends who may not have shirts yet, but they are on their pray about it..

JCPenney says they need your money for a fancy outfit...........but come on!  they just spread the greed..........let's spread the love......... help bring a kid home to love, shelter, food, nourishment and above all Jesus...........and wear it on Easter Sunday.  If you want to read what ignited this here.

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