Monday, December 26, 2011


Well the big day has come and gone....alot of excitement, alot of work....

I got one present left under the tree.......

When we first started this adoption journey in February.....we thought that we might be in the midst of finalizing everything at Christmas......well....we are still waiting, which is fine - it's God's timing and not mine....I'm cool with that....Okay, Okay....I'm trying to be.

Funny thing, throughout this whole journey I have compared it to being has ALOT of similarities, however....even though I was not a fan of being pregnant....I was fine with my babies staying in my womb for as long as possible.  I knew they were safe there and I really loved just having them to myself for that bit.

With Maggie it is different....the world has her now and I just want her here.  I want this part of the journey to be done.  I'm ready for three kids (okay - as ready as I can be and thanks to all of you who try to scare me about the whole three kid thing)

I just want it to be our 'normal' lil family.

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