Friday, June 24, 2011

She has a name!

drumroll please.....................

are you ready?

you sure?

Be excited.  We are.

Her sweet, precious name is going to be Maggie!!!!

Maggie (birth/African name) Runner

pretty awesome?  Yep we think so.  Reagan was named after my grandmother - who I was also named after and we believed that it was a great tradition to follow.  Maggie is named after Eric's mother. 

We pray for Maggie every night as we go to bed and she starts her day.  Please join with us.  Our dossier is in Ethiopia and the courts/orphanage and whoever else is going to match us with our baby girl. We know God's hand is in this and we are comforted by that....but you know me, a few extra prayers never hurt nobody :) 


  1. Love, LoVe, LOVE the name, Maggie!!! :) I can not wait to see her little face! :) Britney

  2. Great name Fran. Can't wait for Maggie Runner to meet Macy Humphrey someday.

  3. Awesome! That is SO exciting! Love the name's adorable!