Wednesday, March 2, 2011


If you know me then you know that speechless doesn't really ever describe me.....but I kinda am......

Thank you for all of your love and support that we have seen after announcing our plans to adopt.  I know this journey is not for everyone and I also know that this journey isn't something that everyone will understand.  To be honest I wasn't quite prepared to see so many of my friends and family be so excited.  It was a good day. 

When we started a year ago thinking and praying about this adopt from Ethiopia thing one of the concerns that stuck out was of course - money.  You can't think about international adoption or any adoption for that matter and not wonder - how in God's green earth can I afford this.....

God and I talked one night....I told Him that if we were called to do this then He just had to make it happen.  Well over the past few weeks - He certainly has shown me a few things....let me give you some background first....

A few weeks ago we were accepted by our adoption agency.  (I thought that all you had to do was send in your application and the fee and then VOILA you were accepted - but that is not the case) Our referrals were returned and we got a formal letter saying, 'Yes, Mr and Mrs Runner you are accepted and can now move to Step 2" YAY!  However Step 2 required a much bigger check.....No biggie, right?  I immediately worked on all our tax stuff - took it to our accountant and prayed for the money to come.  I will say, now that we know that our baby girl is out there we want to push through and get everyday feels almost wasted if we are not moving towards her.  Well this is where the big guy upstairs humbled me. 

I am not willing or am I going to ask anyone for money to pay for this.  (And let me make it very clear  - this is not a request or hinting around to that either).  However - I will be selling these lil' hairbows that are C-U-T-E! (I will start displaying them on the side bar soon) As well as, I am working on designing some t-shirts to sell which is all very exciting.

Okay now that we have cleared that up....back to the humbling part.....

1) Two very special people gave the Runner family a donation to help with costs...Thanks to their giving hearts we are quickly moving to Step 2 and to be honest I can't sleep because we get to call the agency and say, 'Yep, we are ready!'  Jacki and Jeremy you are beyond amazing giving said, 'It isn't ours anyway.' I am humbled by your ability to give....thank you.

2) I have a good friend who contacted me about having a ThirtyOne Fundraiser party for our family!!!!  Then on top of that - she is going to also include some of the things I have made!!!  If you need a ThirtyOne consultant this is my pushing for you to contact her and schedule a party! :)  You can contact her here:!/profile.php?id=1051964732

3) I have some pretty amazing, crafty friends that have also offered to make things and sell as a fundraiser.....How cool is that???? 

So....even though  I wrote alot of stuff....believe it or not I am speechless

***this email post is not a 'hint, hint' at is simply a way of recognizing how we often get caught up in the details of something instead of just trusting in Him.  If you are following what He has commanded then it will be done.


  1. Yeah!!! I bet your wait will be short due to your age range. (Ours was only 6 months on the waitlist for Macy's age.) If your 31 party is online, let me know. I might just have to buy something! And we will get a t-shirt!!! SOO PUMPED FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!! Let me know if you need ANYTHING at all!!! Been there, done that, girl!!!

  2. I want a T-shirt to support this new Runner Kiddo! I am SO excited for you guys! Love you all!