Saturday, December 1, 2012

Seriously....this stuff ain't for the weak of heart

Wow, do I know how to title a blog post or what?

Let me paint a picture of the last week.......

  • 3 out of 5 Runner's got a stomach bug (I know, it wasn't all of us and for that I am GRATEFUL!)
  • Last night I met a little girl that made me realize a few things....more on that later.....
  • I am reading this book by Jen Hatmaker.....7....yeah, um....if you don't have it - I can't sugar coat it for you, I believe with everything in me - you should.  I promise you will laugh out loud one minute and then next - throw the book and tell her to get out of your business and to stop meddling because you got a good thing going.  
  • I am going to leave you a video that was up on my iPad the other night when I came home.....yeah, I got nothing....blessings to you my friend......I will leave it at the end - where it should be.....

Okay, back to that little girl that made me realize a few things.......I met this sweet little girl with the biggest smile you have ever seen.  She came to a family whom I adore, as a foster child.  See here is where I come clean you is where you see how completely lacking I am........

Remember all 80 some blog posts that I talk about how God changed my families heart for the fatherless.....well it was all true, so please hear that.  I MEAN it.  He changed us, changed us forever and for that I am so grateful.  I love that little girl that hugs me, rubs my hair and calls me momma more than I could ever imagine or lie. I could just eat her - she's so cute!  (figuratively not literally) :)  

I hear about foster care, I have friends that are social workers (who paint a very clear picture for me) the picture in my mind was scary..........I was thinking of what it would cost me....what if I get attached?  what if there are kids in and out of my house?  what if? what if? what if?  

How about these what if's.....what if there is no where to go?  what if there are not people that will step out in faith?  what happens when I put me above a child in need?  Geez louise!  I'm a grown woman...okay, I get attached to a child and they leave.  They go home to a biological parent or relative....Really?  I won't open my heart or my home cause I don't want to be sad!  My family will survive.....we will continue to live...and we can be grateful that for whatever reason God placed a child in our home it was because that is where they needed to be......

Here I am telling people don't be afraid of my lil' Ethiopian princess and to be honest not even comprehending or understanding when they were...............and well.....Hello, pot meet kettle! 

I do believe with everything in me that not everyone is called to the same thing and my heart is very deeply engrained with Ethiopia.  I love it.  I love the country, the people, the smells, the food......I want nothing more than to go back...... but last night I couldn't escape the brutal fact that this girl needed a home and my friends opened theirs....they don't know what tomorrow holds but they trust and love nonetheless.  People these are kids that may be living a few miles up the road!!!!!  

Then I come home open the iPad to escape.  To read Facebook.  To mindlessly go through Pintrest and this what is there.....Really?  

It's just a few minutes, I would encourage you to try to watch it - if you make it through - I understand when you defriend me on FB or no longer stop to talk to me at Wal-mart - heck I don't even want to talk to me anymore.  

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  1. Speechless, I was just talking about foster care with my sister in law today :) Oh the irony that you would talk about that in your blog! They really are precious children & some stories are scary, some are not, but oh how it would feel not to know where you were going to lay your head, or get your meal, or keep clean..........that is a dreadful thought for a child to have to endure. And so what if you get attached is the way I feel, you should get attached, for that time that you have that child in your home, you should get attached, and you should show them the love that Christ has shown you, love them & show them they are valued, cherished.......I only wish I could do foster care but hey I get to be the social worker, so I get to try & show Christ's love through me as much as possible even when it gets tough. I love my job, I love children :) You are right, we can't worry about tomorrow when we have to show the love of Christ today. ~~~~~Lots of hugs chica, miss ya~