Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You are welcome

Here is an updated video from my TN friends (the ones I stalked and watched their journey - but didn't tell them or anyone else that I was).

I know some of you like to keep up with them too - and seriously, how could you not!  Jason and Amanda have some beautiful kiddos!

And because I love you too much not to share with you...Click here for some one of a kind jewelry that goes to help women in Uganda as well as help this family as they move forward in their adoption.  I very briefly met Lindsy at an adoption conference a year ago. (she had the coolest Ethiopian Christmas ornaments).

For Mother's Day, I received a necklace and a pair of earrings, so I can say - it's good stuff and really isn't that the best - buy something for you and help someone else out in the process.....tell her Fran sent you.  :)


  1. :) I do not know this family at all but thank you for passing their story along. I thought about her (Macy) the other day- she has the BIGGEST SMILE! I can remember watching and crying through the video of her home precious! Seriously Fran, have you ever wondered WHO is watching and starting their journey due to sharing YOUR story? Love you guys and have missed seeing your family! Britney

  2. OM Gosh TOO ADORABLE! Love reading all the blogs!