Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We recieved a call from our adoption agency last week that informed us that we are now #25 on some obscure, vague list.  Eric recieved the call and in his excitement of hearing anything regarded as progress, hung up and called me....here's how the conversation went.

Eric:  'Fran! I just got a call from Lifeline!'

Me:  (Reaching for a chair - thinking what's happening - is this it, did they find a match for our family?)  'And....'

Eric:  'WE ARE #25 ON THE LIST!!!!'

Me:  (still kinda numb and shakey) 'Oh, that's great! What does that mean?'

Eric:  'I have no idea! but isn't it great!!!!!'

Me:  'Yes honey it is. However, I need to know if I am just experiencing Braxton Hicks or if I am dilating here!'  (If you don't get that joke - I can't help you)

So here we are.....#25.  We have no clue what it means (and we are too embarrassed to call back) but we are so excited.  We don't know if we are close to finally seeing Maggie's face or if we are still months away; nonetheless it's in God's hand and that is a good, good thing. 


  1. You are too Funny...I think you are dilating for sure...So Excited for u guys. Raven

  2. Yay soooooooo excited for you all! Fran you crack me up! One more step closer....Praise Be to God!

  3. No, no, no, they got their numbers wrong - you guys are totally #1! ;) How exciting - whatever it means, whether it's Braxton Hicks or dilating, it means the big day is getting closer! - Sara